Plan B:


There has never been a better time to pivot your business, nail your mindset and build your audience, to successfully launch a new creative product or service or focus on memberships, courses or an online store.

Join me for 4 days of serious action-taking.

This challenge will help you reset your business and turn 2020 into a positive.

Does your business need a reboot? YES, I hear pretty much everyone say…

NOW is the time to plan and innovate, so when life throws you setbacks you thrive instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Get ready to build business resilience, because by the end of this challenge you will have the potential to be even better placed than before!

It will help you nail your niche and your message

It will boost your mindset around money, success and self-belief

It will show you how to use my proven pivot roadmap, so you know exactly what to do to successfully launch a new creative product or service or focus on memberships, courses or an online store.

By the way, I’m bringing 3 inspirational experts to the party who are going to blow you away.


Nail Your Niche

Join Niche Queen, Amy Caiger to make sure you have a crystal clear of your ideal client and how to talk to them.


Kick Imposter Syndrome To The Kerb

Get ready to rise from just-about-surviving to actively thriving with an uplifting session from Jaz Ampaw-Farr.


Amplify Your Message Through Email

Join Email Marketing Heroes, Rob & Kennedy to create the magnetic content you need to connect with your audience.


The Pivot Plan Masterclass

This is the session where it all comes together. We’ll be taking the strategies we’ve learnt from our expert guests and plugging them into my launch framework.


Live Implementation Session

You’ve made a plan and want to seize the moment. Join Melissa & the other challengers, for a live co-working session where you can get 1-2-1 support and advice to make sure you’re taking action.



You’re a small business owner who has been affected by the events of 2020


Your main source of revenue has dropped and/or is no longer secure


You’re doing even less than before because you feel too overwhelmed to react


You need clarity on what it is you want to offer to the world, and clear steps on how to get your message out


You want to feel empowered to react and RISE to the current challenges facing small businesses


You’re not content to sit back and wait for things to improve - you want a PLAN for how you’re going to conquer 2021!

I’m Melissa & I love talking about marketing.

I’m going to share the tools and strategies I use every day in my own business to successfully launch new online products, memberships and courses.

Believe me, I got here the hard way. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, bought courses I’ve never used, hired experts who didn’t answer my questions, not nailed my strategy, forgotten to do the research, and more.

Did I sit down and cry? No. Did I have had a glass of wine? Yes. But it also made me more determined to work out what it is that DOES make a creative business successful.

I’m now the very proud owner of a business that fulfils me (yes, that’s thanks to you guys) and, bottom line, creates the profit I need to afford the precious family and personal time.

If I can do it, so can you. I can’t wait to share all this with you in Plan B: The Pivot Your Business Challenge. Plus, I’ll be joined by some very special expert guests who will be sharing their own expertise on how to believe in yourself and make this the year your business THRIVES!

“It’s so nice to feel part of such a supportive community. The people who do the work and join the calls will be the ones who come out with stronger businesses.”

“This is such a great group. Everyone is there to help. There is a great new word that sums up what we are all going through: we are on the Coronacoaster. Some weeks are up, some weeks are down, but we will get to the end of it and that’s what we need to focus on!”

“I’m so grateful and inspired that we can share our feelings. I think we should all be allowed to grieve when we need to, and the support in this group is wonderful.”

Are you ready to move from ‘just-about-surviving’ to actively thriving?