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Mastermind Call – 5 March 2020

  • 03:40  Do you have any advice on how to structure my Instagram content?
  • 06:35  What should I put in my Bonjoro subject line?
  • 08:08  If I write and publish a blog post, can I re-edit it without affecting SEO?
  • 10:40  Do I need both Updraft and BlogVault or just one of them?
  • 17:40  Is it still ok to have a pop-up to capture emails?
  • 22:30  Do you know a handy free program to map out workflows visually?
  • 25:20  Tell me more about ConvertPro and connecting pop-ups
  • 34:10 What’s the best way to use your Facebook Pixel when you’ve had it installed for a while?
  • 35:50 What’s the advantage of using Gravity Forms over another option?