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Mastermind Call – 9 Jan 2020

  • 5:10  I’m planning to run a competition. How do I get the most out of it?
  • 20:40  Does Google Search Console record clicks differently to Google Ads?
  • 23:10  I’m about to launch my new commercial website. Any tips to make the most of it and can I bring across old blog posts?
  • 24:30  What would you recommend for building an email list? Lead Pages, ActiveCampaign & Click Funnels?
  • 28:50  I’d like some advice on building an email list. I’m not making much progress with my lead magnet.
  • 39:00  I’m working on my positioning statement and would like some feedback.
  • 40:30  Are there any websites you can use to check your ranking for certain keywords
  • 49:10  I’m looking for help with the Client Avatar sheet. I’m stuck.
  • 51:20  I’d love some advice on visibility. I’m posting and have a lead magnet but enquiries are pretty slack.
  • 55:20  I want to promote three genres of photography. How do I promote them all?