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🎬 The Website Makeover Workshop with Melissa Love

If you are tired of designing and re-designing your website, but still missing the mark, then don’t miss this live workshop with Melissa Love, founder of WordPress theme company, The Design Space.

Melissa is known for creating beautiful websites for entrepreneurs who want a sales-focused website without compromising on design.

In a fast-paced but but fun live 90-minute workshop, she’s going to teach you the exact design system she uses.

It doesn’t matter which theme you use or whether you use WordPress at all. Her system works for everyone. Every time.

And you’ll come away with a solid action plan and the skills and knowledge to put it into action.

What is this magical system? It’s the BOOM framework.

💥 Brand mapping
💥 Outlining the visitor experience
💥 Organising your content
💥 Modifying & mastering your theme or design

🙋🏽‍♀️ Who is it for?
– Anyone who can’t quite put their finger on what isn’t working with their website
– Anyone who is struggling to balance content with good design

⏰ When is it happening?
📆 Tuesday, 20 July | 7pm UK
📆 Wednesday, 21 July | 10am UK

It’s a hands-on session. No boring slides, lots of design challenges, tips and strategy. 🚀

Grab a spot >>