Building Phase

You’re ready to start creating the tools you need to build a marketing machine that will work on autopilot and connect with your ideal clients.
Here you’ll be creating the key pieces of content you’ll need to set up a VIP experience for any enquiries and a basic email funnel to nurture new leads.

This phase of building your system is hard work and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, learning these skills and understanding these tools will help you make significant progress and you’ll use them again and again as your business grows.

Don’t forget to break down your bigger projects into small, easily manageable tasks and schedule them in.


Add the Facebook Pixel to your website to begin gathering data
First Steps to Facebook Ads
Choose an email platform like MailerLite or ActiveCampaign
Fix: Build An Email Funnel With Kay Peacey
Create a contact success page & add a simple nurturing email sequence for all enquiries
The VIP Enquiry Experience
Add semi-automated personal touches to your enquiry process
The VIP Enquiry Experience
Plan your conversion event, like a sales call or webinar
Fix: Unsleazy Sales With Jade Gemma
Plan and create your Lead Magnet based on your research & content pillars
Launch Your Lead Magnet
Integrate your Lead Magnet with your website
Get Your Website Marketing Ready
Set up your Lead Magnet automation
Build An Email Funnel With Kay Peacey
Add a simple nurturing email sequence to follow your Lead Magnet
Build An Email Funnel With Kay Peacey
Setup a simple Facebook retargeting advert to target all website visitors
Fix: Simple Facebook Ads Funnel With Allison Christie