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Mastermind Call – 12 Dec 2019

  • 5:04  Can I combine a new business with an existing business even if the name doesn’t really work?
  • 9:09  How do I go about changing the genre of your photography business and still maintain a steady income?
  • 13:50  How do I market two genres of photography? Do I need a separate Instagram and website?
  • 19:40  Should I pay attention to the Event Manager stats in the Facebook Pixel area?
  • 21:15  I want to add a completely different genre to my business. Should I have a second website?
  • 22:40  I’ve just launched my new website. How can I get more traffic quickly and improve my SEO?
  • 32:00  How do I choose between Divi, ProPhoto & Showit?
  • 36:50  Which of your themes that you use are the fastest on mobile? How do I optimise my images?
  • 39:25  How do I make the most out of winning a national award?
  • 41.20  What would be a good lead magnet for a newborn photographer?
  • 46:10  What is the ideal size to upload my images?
  • 48:25  I am trying to get my old wedding website ranking again but nothing seems to be working. Should I scrap my site and start again?
  • 51:45  How easy is it to move from SquareSpace to WordPress and what do I need to consider?
  • 53.15  I launched an e-shop a few months ago and people aren’t buying. What can I do?
  • 1:02.45  With the forecast spreadsheet, should I wait for the new tax year in April to start it?


Download the Instagram Landing Page layout
In this call, we discussed adding an Instagram landing page to your website to use in your Instagram bio. You can download the Divi Layout that I use from the Library area.

What makes a good lead magnet?
We also discussed lead magnets. You can read more about what makes a good lead magnet here.