The Plan Your 2023 Workshop

If your plan is having no plan, then this is for you!

And you’re not the only one. When over 100 people joined my live Plan Your 2023 workshop, I knew there were lots of business owners out there needing motivation and structure in order to smash the year ahead!

On this page you’ll find the replay of the workshop for you to view right now, and the downloads to accompany the workshop.


My free Facebook group is where you can ask questions about the workshop and network with other creative entrepreneurs.


I’m Melissa & I’m passionate about helping businesses stop waiting to get lucky.

At the beginning of my marketing journey, I wasted a lot of time, trying different tools and tactics, believing that if I just worked harder and harder, somehow my business would magically grow. Spoiler alert. It didn’t.

But one day I sat down and designed a lead magnet and it was the lead magnet that changed everything.

It didn’t happen overnight.

But I kept sharing that link, I added a pop-up to my website, I started playing around with Facebook ads.

It took a year to get my first 2,000 subscribers and when I launched my first course, roughly 10% of my list bought it.

I did over $20k in sales that week. It still blows my mind.

BUT none of that would have happened if I hadn’t started working consistently towards my goals, and being committed to working on my business instead of in it.

There is no other way. No overnight success.
You don’t suddenly just get lucky and go viral. You have to make a plan and stick to it. I can’t wait to show you how!