Planning Phase

You’re in the early stages of your marketing journey.

When you decide to tackle your marketing plan strategically, it’s tempting to try to do and learn ALL the things at once. But this will lead to frustration, overwhelm and procrastination. Take it from a master procrastinator!

At this stage of your business, you need to lay solid foundations and develop a mindset and habits that are going to keep you on track.

It’s also the time to build a crystal clear picture of your ideal client and conduct research to discover the most pressing challenges they are facing.
This will give you all of the answers you need to create a laser-focused content plan and a bank of language to use in all of your marketing materials, they will strongly resonate with your ideal client.


Take control of your time with a planning tool like ClickUp or ToDoist
The Business Blueprint
Set your annual goals and break them down into quarterly milestones
The Business Blueprint
Create your Ideal Client Avatar
The Business Blueprint
Create your Client Success Plan
The Business Blueprint, The Pivot Plan Nail Your Niche Session
Conduct emotion-based research with past and potential ideal clients
Content Creators
Identify your key content pillars
Content Creators
Create your content plan
Content Creators